After an arsonist destroys a historic building on the fictitious Colvin College's campus leaving a wake of destruction, the enigmatic Professor Moynihan assembles a class of viable suspects within his mysterious “History of Lying” seminar, where the guilty party will be exposed. In a first-of-its-kind integration, we’re giving fans never-before seen access to the show’s talent. They can catch weekly vlogs, accompanying the “Suspect” podcast hosted by the two female protagonists of the show. They’ll also get the chance to play the role of detective each week through specially created “homework” from the “Guilty Party: History of Lying” Google Classroom curriculum. “Suspect” will feature real interviews with experts in various fields, like body language expert, crime expert, the court of public opinion and more. Viewers can also play detective each week to uncover who was behind the school arson.


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Welcome to the first online iteration of “The History of Lying,” class run by Simon Morales. You may not have gotten into the exclusive seminar, but this is the next best (free) thing. After watching the lectures, you can join the Google Classroom, where you can begin your homework.

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Discord is the home of the Colvin Cauldron, Alvaro Villanueva’s blog and community, where he discusses the latest gossip on campus.

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